Woman a Symbol for the Seat of Life

The first breath of life comes from the womb of a woman. Thus, she is a symbol for the seat of life. We heard the breath of new life from her and combined joy and tragedy of life in the world now concerned about the excessive greed. At the centre of human life, the role of women is really underestimated.

The Feeling of safety of the child in her mind, thus, is given though touching the body, charm, attitude and irresistible vocal expression of women. Tenderness of woman toughens the inner life of the child. Most of the comfort for the child stability, solace comes from the woman.


Life of women is largely based on the vibration of her sensitive organs. She listens to the dissatisfaction of her organs, the softness of her body before she continues to engage with the outside world with a view of care that keeps her womanhood.

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