Winter Facts & History

There are two different dates when the winter can be start, depending on what we mean of the meteorological or astronomical winter.

Winter is defined by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun begins at the winter solstice, which falls on 21 or 22 December.

However, during recording and comparing the data for the climate, it is important to have a certain date can be compared, and so why use a fixed date of 1 December to mark the start of meteorological winter.

Coldest Winter Days

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the UK winter is -27. 2 ° C, which was recorded in the village of Braemar in Scotland.

At the same temperature was recorded twice, first on 11 February 1895 year again on January 10, 1982.


In the winter of 1963 was one of the coldest on record and the coldest since 1740 has reached a stable temperature below – 20 ° C, with blizzards, snowdrifts, and even freezing the sea around the coast.

The most severe frosts began shortly before Christmas in 1962 as a high pressure system sat near the north-eastern part of the United Kingdom for most of the winter cold polar winds dragging over England.

29 and 30 December snowstorm hit the UK with drifts up to 6 meters deep. The snow continues to fall, and often in the beginning of March 1963, most of the United Kingdom were covered with snow.

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