WhatsApp and Viber may no more Free

The TRAI is planning to start a regulation OTT (over the top) companies who offer such as WhatsApp’s, Viber and similar social networking applications.


WhatsApp and Viber may no more Free

According to this magazine, TRAI held a seminar on Tuesday, OTT service seminar on August 12, the impact on revenues of telecom companies regulatory framework.

The report noted, “TRAI said on Monday that the seminar will be organized on Tuesday OTT services regulatory framework aims to provide a platform for key issues, exchange and OTT, such as new development view OTT, OTT impact on Telecom’s ISP and their response measures, for OTT legal and regulatory framework. ”


The seminar will end with a decision on the OTT players. However, TRAI is unlikely to pose any significant restrictions on the application provider.

Currently, the application is very popular among mobile users. Applications are running on mobile bandwidth caused by loss of income telecom operators.

Business Today also reported that the telecom operators, such as providers Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular company hopes to application providers pay connection fees.

According to the telecommunications industry estimates, telecom companies are due to the loss of these free applications around Rs 5,000 crore annually. This figure is expected to pass through the estimated Rs 16,400 crore in the next two years, with smartphone users is growing rapidly.

The TRAI has brought hope in the regulation of such application vendors can pay connection fees for telecom companies and share revenue with the government as well.

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