Women’s Craze on WhatsApp Increasing Rapidly

WhatsApp has more than 160 million Internet users, India has recorded a significant online population. About 8.6 billion people use mobile devices to access the Internet. Interestingly, women’s online behavior is becoming an increasingly significant for everyone to see, including corporate, brand and marketing.

Teen Girl using WhatsApp

Teen Girl using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular mobile messaging application in one of the country’s 50 million monthly active users. And it is no more just youth, which is playing such an application, as well as the old folk in the middle ages, but also increasingly prefer mobile information services via SMS, such as WhatsApp’s.

WhatsApp application is touted as having the largest economy in the application range in India, up to 76%. The only chat application, Google Hangouts is the second to receive a range of about 25%, WeChat has a range of 22%. Obviously, WhatsApp is a very advanced application package. And in the country more than 50 million monthly active users in the application of consumer behavior is quite remarkable to see.

Women spend more time on the Internet everyday applications, about 46 minutes. Although men should spend an average of 25 minutes online applications. For a total time, it takes women to the application, and 70 percent spent only instant messaging or chat applications, including Google Talk, the WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., which is more than the average time of eight minutes, the men spent instant messaging applications, etc. procedures in one day.

WhatsApp on women’s behavior is an interesting insight that they are more likely to share pictures and videos than their peers. Therefore, a brand focused on capturing the attention of women can use WhatsApp effectively beyond the text content and weave their messages to Smart picture and video content to capture the attention of women.

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