All You Need to Know About Waterfall

Waterfalls are the water systems where the water falls from a height into another body of water at the bottom. They may be natural or artificial. Waterfalls are very aesthetically pleasing, and is considered to be tourist spots. Several huge natural waterfalls are responsible for the management of the entire economy of the settlements around them by attracting tourists. People also build artificial waterfalls in their yards and gardens, or even in the room to take advantage of its beauty and soothing sounds.

Angel Waterfalls in Venezuela is the highest natural waterfall in the world. It falls with the drop of 3,230 feet. Canaima Natural Park is built around to mainly attracts tourists because of the Angel Waterfalls. Victoria Waterfalls on the Zambezi River located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is about one mile wide as it falls, which makes it the widest waterfall in the world.


Niagara Waterfalls in the US and Canada, contains the largest amount of each of the waterfall in the world. All these waterfalls attract millions of people every year.

Hotels build waterfalls around their pools or build whole waterfall gardens. Different colored lights can be placed strategically in the waterfall to get the effect of water colors. Metal pipes also effectively used to produce the soothing sounds of water reflected.

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