Actress Smita Talwalkar Passed Away

Veteran actress Smita Talwalkar died Wednesday morning in Mumbai, she is receiving hospital treatment of the ovarian cancer said a spokesperson. She was 58.



“She died in the hospital on 2.30 today,” CEO Tarang Gianchandani Jaslok hospital told us.

Muralidhar KAMAT, who is treating the actress, told IANS: “This is the handle of her ovarian cancer six years ago, at that time, the disease advanced that we try to solve it the most capable way, and then she was treated. chemotherapy. ”

“Sometimes it relapse after treatment she again she answered very well, she was the face of this disease with great courage. Yesterday she was very serious, this morning, she died.”

Smita began her acting career in 1986, featuring “Tu Saubhagyavati Ho.” She also turned producer of movies and TV shows, and has directed a movie as well.

As an actress, she saw as “Chaukat princely” movie, “The Dead”, “EK Huodi Wang land”, “Janma” and “Ping Mhanje Prem Prem Mhanje Asta.”

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