All You Need to Know About Vampire

The vampires of the past history has always portrayed as scary monsters that are evil beyond belief. They felt like horrible creatures that do not have souls who prey on people. Throughout the history of literature such as Dracula Bram Stoker’s from 1987 novel, was an evil vampire hunter, who drinks human blood. A Vampire Slayer, who not only killed people, but stole their souls as well.

They were a nightmare and horror story. In today’s world, vampires are seen in a completely different light. While many stories still portray vampires as evil creatures but the others project them in a completely different way.


Many vampires in the world today are the heroes and love interests in many stories. They no longer exist only to consume and destroy normal human beings, but have shown that they are compassionate creatures, capable of strong feelings of love.

Twilight is one of the most popular romantic film series on vampires written by American author Stephenie Meyer.

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