US-India: Chuck Hagel to Visit in India

The future of his first visit to India, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said his visit to the world’s largest democracy to build relationships, not just the military-to-military relations.

U.S. Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel

U.S. Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel

Mr. Hegel at a conference in Germany said on Wednesday the United States is looking for a new partnership, and in the Asia-Pacific region represents the opportunities and challenges.

“In India, I want to follow the visit and Commerce Secretary John Kerry visit us at Penny Pritzker – where they were about a week ago and tried to try to continue to build, not just a strong military-to-military the relationship between the Indian, “Hagel said.

He said that the two countries have different common interests, including stability, security, economy, possibilities and freedom.


“India represents the world’s largest democracy. They just had an election, and they have a new government.’s New prime minister to come to Washington to see President Barack Obama next month, so I’ll be there, working, yes, we specific problems, but it is larger than, “he said.

“When we look at the Asia-Pacific business area also represents a huge new opportunity, but the challenge we need to partner relationships we need, which is what kind of world we live in one, and that is we are going to live in what kind of world, “he said.

Defense transactions worth more than Rs. 2 trillion rupees, will be discussed during the visit to the fight against terrorism and measures to strengthen intelligence sharing military ties are expected.

During his visit, Mr. Hegel is expected to be a prime minister Narendra Modi, Defense Minister Allan Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, meeting defense officials said.

Anticipated intelligence sharing and procurement 22 Apache attack helicopters, trading 15 Chinook heavy transport helicopters and four P-8I anti-submarine warfare aircraft to discuss this issue come up on the discussion at the meeting.

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