Uber Change its Logo, Comes with New Look

Uber American mobile taxi ride company chages its company logo to the new one posted on Uber blog.

This new logo of Uber, not stylized (U) more. Uber is rotate its logo to the left side as shown in the below image.

Uber new logo PNG

The new logo, along with Quadcopter-like background is now on the App Store. Old “U” is still a trademark of the Uber.

There’s no real reason to change, we can say, except, perhaps, Uber is trying to do more as a company. In this case, the odd square drive will not cut it.


According to a lengthy feature in Wired magazine about Uber’s design overhaul:

Kalanick is not a designer… Yet he refused to entrust the rebranding process to someone else. This was an unusual decision, on his part. When overhauling the identify of their company, most CEOs hire experts—branding agencies that specialize in translating corporate values into fonts and colors—or assign the task to an in-house design team. Not Kalanick. For the past three years, he’s worked alongside Uber design director Shalim Amin and a dozen-or-so other folks, hammering out ideas from a poorly ventilated space they call the War Room. Along the way, he studied up on concepts ranging from kerning to color palettes. “I didn’t know any of this stuff,” says Kalanick. “I just knew it was important, and so I wanted it to be good.”

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