True Love Exists and Can Last a Lifetime.

These are the results of a new study of the human brain. In people who have a “romantic relationship” for many years, active rich in dopamine brain areas associated with motivation and reward – in the same way as in people who have just fell in love. Romantic relationship is a relationship that is characterized by “intense feelings, engagement and sexual interest” and is associated with high satisfaction and confidence of partners.

True Love

People who can maintain “intense sense of commitment and sexual interest” without experiencing anxiety (characteristic of obsessive love) can also keep the original state of infatuation for many years. Eternal love is an achievable goal. If eternal love is possible, what prevents people to achieve it? People can keep their true romantic love by avoiding fantasy love.


True love is hard to find, but that does not mean it does not exist. To find sincerity in the relationship, it should be the first, to sow the seeds of sincerity, that too with consistency. Everyone has the materialistic tendencies, but when it comes to matters of the heart, we should go for only one person, he/she is really interested in and not interested in the person on the basis of their wealth and property.

Furthermore, the truth about the real love is that everyone gets as much is given; it is a two way street. In addition, each connection requires each partner makes a conscious effort to cope with the needs and wants of each other on a daily basis, regardless of the number of years spent together. To build a relationship or partner may deliberately slow in terms of their commitment and dedication to your partner or spouse. Of course there will be times when one of the partners will have to cover the other flaws or compromise on a few things, however, only the strong links have the ability to withstand such trials and tribulations.

Rather than sit and weep for a lost love, the better to calm down and make a plan to get your love back.

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