One Trick That Your Colleagues Don’t Know |

One Trick That Your Colleagues Don’t Know

Most of us spend very much time measurement. We watch carefully how are sales, revenue growth and return on investment. To a large extent, part of effective leadership is to build systems to measure everything that matters. Just so we know for sure how we’re doing.


Given our obsession with measurement – and its value – you would think that we are accustomed to measuring the “soft” values. For example, how often someone is rude or polite to others, how often seek assistance rather than refuse to people to yourself, how often restrain his tongue rather than dump some offensive comments.


Although soft skills and values ​​are difficult to measure, they are just as important as financial performance. I guarantee you that most of your colleagues do not measure this “soft side” of the work.

The report on soft skills and values ​​have other benefits. For example, people around you will see and remember that you seek. One is to tell employees or clients that will begin to spend more time with them is another thing to combine this objective with a specific number. Thus they become more sensitive to the fact that they make efforts to change it. In addition to reaching them the message that you care. And that is never a bad thing.

Everything is subject to measurement – the days spent in communication with the employees, to the hours invested in educating colleagues. And once behold the beauty in the measurement of soft skills, other variables are also beginning to have a positive impact!

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