Tips to Have a Long-Term Relationship with Your Partner

Perhaps many times have you asked yourself the question “What should I do to keep your relationship last long as much?”. So, today we have the answer for you – Professor Jackie Gab, a respected expert on relationships, together with Dr. Meg John Baker says the three most important factors for sustained, stable and happy relationship. They provide clarity about what are the secrets of long-term love:


A couple in love in the sunset on the beach


“Banter between the two men – irritation and minor disputes – are incomprehensible to many onlookers. Sometimes, however, it happens they are way partners interact with each other in a positive way, ” she explains. ” Other couples did replace dialogues and talks with walks or cuddling in front of the TV, which also can integrate into positive methods of communication’ .




During the study, it becomes clear that small gestures like serving a cup of tea is actually a huge success.

“It is believed that expensive gifts are more preferred” says Gab. “They help us to get out away from any transgression. But to our surprise, it turns out that even the most banal and simple gestures can mean everything for the person next to us. These include washing dishes, garbage disposal, making breakfast and so on.”



“It is so important that you laugh at the same comedy,” says Gab, “The fact that you are ‘a wave’ in terms of humor that share a moment of fun and that demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding spouse. Sometimes, during a dispute, the partners feel the need to blow off steam and have the capacity to find something for fun. “

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