How to Make Your Teeth Whiter

White teeth are essential for radiant smile – the best “accessory” for every woman. If you are the many who complain of dark dental stains on them, see how to make teeth whiter without going to the dentist.

Proper brushing, regular check-ups at the dentist and the removal of tartar deposits are essential to enjoy a radiant smile. But there are other ways that can help you keep your teeth white, while careful not to harm the enamel.

teeth whitening

Many people are familiar with the “recipe” for whiter teeth with baking soda – once a week add the ingredient in the paste for teeth and rub with your finger. However, this is less dangerous method because highly abrasive on the resulting mixture can reflect badly on enamel and gums.

Try a slice of lemon – because acidity, it also boasts a bleaching effect. But for the same reason you should not overdo procedures – prevention once a week is sufficient.


To make teeth whiter need to disable some products from your diet at the expense of others. Reduce coffee, forget temporarily about sodas and leave cigarettes – all three are known that leave dark yellowish stains on your teeth.

Eat more pineapple – The fruit contains bromelain, which breaks down proteins plaque. Carrots you are rich in vitamin A, which is good for tooth enamel. Moreover, their consumption leading to increased salivation, which also has a bleaching function.

Lettuce, spinach and broccoli also help teeth whitening -The minerals in the composition, to create a protective layer on the teeth, and thus prevent the accumulation of dental plaque. With bleaching effect are more apples, strawberries, pears and celery.

Another method for whitening teeth at home is Gargle with Arcola with 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, which in any case should not swallow.

If you decide to ask your dentist about how to make your smile whiter, it will most likely offer you design a silicone strip, which has a whitening gel. The strip is placed briefly during the day or best night while you sleep.

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