Britain’s Worst Storm in History

The worst storm ever recorded in the UK hit in the 18th century, killing thousands and destroying the huge amount of property and the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of trees. On the night of November 26, 1703 “Great Storm” hit southern England. By the morning of the next day, 15,000 people were killed, most of them drowned on ships sunk in the sea.

More than three centuries later, the storm is still considered the biggest storm ever hit in Britain’s history. The storm also caused one of the earliest books written on the time of the event. “The Storm” is the first published work of Daniel Defoe, who is best-known for his work in the “Robinson Crusoe”


In his witness storm Defoe wrote: “No tongue can express it, nor pen can describe it, no thought can conceive, if by one in the end of it. He went on to describe the storm as “a storm that destroyed forests and woods in England”.

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