Simple and Effective Beauty and Skincare Secrets Shared by Supermodels

What are the secrets of beautiful supermodels? They look stunning, but the beauty and fashion their regime are incredibly realistic and affordable. Have a look at the beautiful secrets of female idols and to understand why they continue to “count”.


The beautiful secrets of supermodels – Face One of the first things that the model learned from make-up artists and dermatologists, has never suggested that expensive products surely must be better than cheap. A small but expensive glass box of cream with a special ingredient (which probably is not a special) may seem more reliable than ordinary plastic, but if you read the content, you will find remarkable similarities. So the most expensive products in the world is not always are the best, but it is important to be insightful and buy those suitable for your skin type.

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There is hardly a woman who does not realize the benefits of drinking two litres of water daily. But the idea of drinking a large bottle may seem daunting and impractical.

Tip: Buy four bottles of mineral water from a pint and put them in convenient places – on the desk, on the kitchen counter, in your purse, in the car, the TV and bed. Sip by sip, once you see the bottle. So two liters of water a day will not seem so scary.

The beautiful secrets of supermodels – timeless tricks for makeup most supermodels prefer not to put makeup when not at work. This gives the time of their skin to breathe and rest. Sunglasses and a little balm on the lips do the job out to the supermarket.

Tip: Always plucked eyebrows in the direction of hair growth, while pulling the skin. The beginning of the brow should be equal to the inner corner of the eye.

The first part leading to curvature must be the longest and the end of the eyebrow – the shortest.

Tip: Replace the spiral when dry or thickened. Every time you use it in the tube enters the air, so the spiral is more perishable than other products.

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