The Secrets of Etihad Airways Success Revealed by James Hogan

Partnerships and innovation are the driving force behind the success of the company Etihad Airways, according to James Hogan, President and CEO.

Giving a speech at the Global Aerospace Summit on Monday, Hogan outlined the benefits of strategic partnership between Etihad forged through a minority stake in Alitalia, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, AirBerlin, Etihad Regional Managing Darwin Airline, Jet Airways and Virgin Australia.

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He said. “In order to become a competitive global network operator today is an incredibly difficult task Partnerships allow us to compete effectively and give us the scale and differentiation, as well as reduce costs and provide significant benefits, including operational cooperation over greater consumer choice and competition and create jobs. ”

Speaking about the main theme of the Summit partnership, of Hogan praised the UAE approach, especially in the field of space research partnership.


“In the UAE, we see a rapidly growing portfolio, based on a production partnership aerostructures, component and engine financing and maintenance, repair and overhaul,” he said.

“The UAE is actively engaging partnerships with major players in the world of aviation, including Rolls-Royce, GE, Boeing and the Airbus, as it becomes a leading global player and centre of excellence.”
Hogan added: “The UAE aspires to become one of the most innovative countries in the world for seven years and entered the top 20 Global Innovation Index from 2021.”

“We are witnessing the creation of a national culture that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship through partnerships with the private sector encouraged to create innovative and scientific-research centres and introduce new technologies.”

“This is the philosophy we also hold dear at Etihad Airways. We know that sustainable innovation process is essential in a competitive environment, such as aviation. This is absolutely central to providing outstanding products and services to our guests and is now in the future.”

Hogan also spoke about working with partners Etihad sustainable production of aviation biofuels in the UAE.

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