Scorpion Predatory Arachnids Who Don’t Attack Anyone

Scorpions don’t attack anyone, they just react in self-defense. Most Manzanillo people have rarely seen a scorpion and haven’t got stung by it. Most pests around your house are not a physical hazard, but bees, mosquitoes, wasps, Fireants and termites are not one of them. Scorpion is just another pest.

As it comes from a spider family; scorpions are nocturnal. They don’t have good eyesight, regardless of their 2-12 eyes. Scorpions have three body parts consisting of the head of the main body or trunk which has 7 segments and a tail which is composed of six segments.


The last segment of the tail works like a universal joint with a stinger attached. Scorpions can move their tail in any direction, and even though most think of their classic “C” scorpion stings anyway possible when in danger. Scorpions have 8 legs, together with a set of pinchers, which are very strong and flexible.

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