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Types of Running Races

The reasons why people run varies. Some people may run because they want to lose weight, while others run because they want to maintain a healthy body, while others may run in order to compete on the events of running, such as marathon.

Anyone who run in the long run will be interested in participating in the management of running events, such as marathons and various other entertainment runs such as “3 km to 5 km” or “10 km” run. It is true that different people have different reasons for competition in these events, but regardless of the reason, there are certain principles that must be followed when it comes to training and competing in such events.


The secret of the smart training is the realization that your body tells you. Most experienced coaches understand that the success is based on preserving; performing even when only thing driving you is motivation. It’s mind over matter. It does not come easy, it is necessary to have patience and exercise regularly so that you can master the skill of running.

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