Receive Direct Messages from Anyone on Twitter

Now you can choose to receive direct messages from other users on Twitter, even if you are not following them.

Previously, in order to receive a direct message from another person, you had to keep the user in Twitter.

For some public figures, especially for journalists, that the restriction was difficult to communicate more private. Twitter has experienced first with this setting in 2013 with a user base selection. But not made public.

But now any Twitter-user can activate this option for themselves if they wish, TechCrunch reported.



In connection with this change, the company is also updating its messaging standards so you can respond to direct incoming messages regardless of whether that person is you in return.

And to better highlight the option you just added, Twitter says a new button Direct message appears on profile pages on Android and iPhone.

This button will only appear in the profiles of people you can send direct messages, so it is more evident with a look that has become characteristic since.

Finally, if someone has the “Receive direct messages from anyone setting” on start getting spam or abuse, the abuser may still block on Twitter to stop counting the possibility of the frames.

The changes come at a time when private communication applications like WhatsApp Snapchat and are significantly grow their user base and increase the participation of its members.

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