Ratan Tata blames West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for failure of Nano

Ratan Tata blames Mamata Banerjee for failure of Nano

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata

Once seen as urban mobility has created a sensation around the world in the future, nanotechnology, since its introduction, failed to seize consumers, sales quickly with management efforts Tata Motors is still trying to prop up sales decline.

Tata blamed a wave of farmers, led by the then leader of the opposition in West Bengal, Mamata Najib, in 2008, forcing the project shifted to Sanand in Gujarat.

“In a sense, the transfer of the plant has a high negative cost to us, when we introduced the nano it creates global excitement, we have a waiting list of orders with full payment of Rs 30,000 and two years, when the products we announced in our moving distance Singur to Sanand many dead and lost its excitement for many years, people do not believe there are any such products, while competitors can bad mouth no products in the market, “the former chairman of the Tata Group industrial city to gather.”

West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra on Thursday refuted the remarks lack Tata industrial state, said he was suffering from the illusion, which is why he made ​​such a comment.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata

“Tata is old and paranoia I do not know why he can not understand what is happening,” Mitra Confederation of Indian Industry seminar in Calcutta, told reporters on the sidelines. Mitra talked about the investment Tata Group is implementing countries, and said that both the honorary chairman did not keep track of his company, or he has delusions.”

About six years ago, Tata announced his decision to suspend the factory in Calcutta and elsewhere, the relocation of work to set this was due to “continue to fight, stir in the field.”

Two years after returning to the city, Tata has been facing problems than his decision, he never felt tired response.

However, he has been an abrupt end to put the blame of excitement, lack of nano popularity.

On the positive side, Tata said Jaguar and Land Rover back the lost glory of being taken over, after Tata Motors, his most glorious moments. He said he was the face of British workers are proudest of in his long and busy career sense, he explained that they did not take over the plant to kill Indians and their work, and transferred to India or to its factory into a housing project.

“Those questions were asked in my meeting with the employees and I assured them that there were no such objectives and told them that we will work shoulder to shoulder and move these brands back to glory that they had. It is very rewarding to walk through the plant today and workers coming and telling me you did what you promised, ” Tata told the gathering.

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