Ranbir Kapoor’s Mystery Woman Revealed! She is a Magazine Reporter

Internet went crazy with seen the pictures of Ranbir Kapoor with a mysterious woman. The picture shows the star posing with a mysterious girl and tries to pout and winked at the camera.

Ranbir Kapoor

Although the star of “Barfi” film not very vocal on the alleged disintegration and the two stars did their best to avoid any company that the picture was almost a relief to fans that may Ranbir actually moved. What’s with the star standing so close to the girl, and everything else!

According to the editor of Filmfare, Jitesh Pillai, she was one of the venerable magazine reporter, and this is just a fan girl image that she wanted to take a picture with a beautiful star!


Ranbir Kapoor's Mystery Woman

Here is what the editor tweeted

However, currently we don’t know the name of the girl but we will update you soon with fresh updates.

There was a sense of relief for Ranbir lovers, as they are quite satisfied with the fact that the actor has recovered from his separation from actress Katrina Kaif, and he moved on.

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