15+ Most Important Questions to Ask Him or Her to Know Better

When you meet a new person who attracts you, you want to learn as much about him. Do not hesitate to ask and give comprehensive answers when you ask. Do not lie. You may think that your lies are harmless, but actually in the future you can play a very bad joke. Be sincere from the start and win the trust of the people on whom you like. See 20 questions you may ask to him/her ask for him/her to know better and to see if fits as characters and there is a future for you as a couple:

Questions to Ask

1. Where are you From?

This question is very important, especially if you met a the beach or somewhere on vacation. Do not make unnecessary illusions that you will have a healthy relationship if you live on both ends in any country. Such relationships survive only if you spare sometime with your partner. That must really love’ve been together and know that this separation is temporary. Otherwise the end of your relationship is predetermined.


2. What Music you Like?

Even if you met in a disco, that does not mean he/she likes such music. You may find himself / but there accidentally or because of company. Even if your music tastes differ, this does not mean that you will not have similarities in character.


3. What kind of Movies you Watch?

The answer to this question can tell you a lot about a person’s character against you. If he/she likes to watch romantic films, it definitely falls for romantic gestures. Given that pleasure watching scary movies, obviously you’re dealing with someone who is not afraid of the new, the unknown and knows how to achieve their goals.


4. Do you like Playing Sports?

People who play sports are more open to new dating and love life. They take care of themselves, watch what you eat and exercise regularly some kind of sport. Those who are in the team, more easily communicate with others and are willing to compromise unlike individualists who rely solely on their own strength.


5. Do you Read Books?

Nowadays, fewer people read books. Most read only newspapers, magazines and websites. It’s really nice to meet someone who appreciates literature. Lovers of reading have a well-developed imagination.


6. Which is your Favourite Meal?

Love of men (and women) passes through the stomach. If you want to impress people by whom really you like, find out what his/her favourite meal. Invite him/her in home or go to a restaurant where you know it cook well. In both cases, he / she will appreciate the gesture.


7. What do you do in Your Free Time?

Some people have hobbies, which are engaged when they have time, while others prefer various activities. It’s nice to have at least one thing we both enjoy doing – watching old movies, going to the mountains to ski, swim, etc. You will have the opportunity to be as intimate partners and good friends.


8. Do you Love Animals?

People who are good in nature, love animals. They realize they are helpless and often need human support. Animal lovers are responsive people who are compassionate and always willing to help.



9. Where do You Study?

The answer to this question pretty much will direct you what she likes and what will be his/her profession after time. Unless, of course, to study at a university or vocational school. If you studied German language and you want some time to have a basic understanding, then now is the perfect time to start. Now there is someone to help you and will definitely do it with pleasure.


10. What Would you Change in Yourself?

As already mentioned person likes one thing in itself, but there is at least one thing I hate. There are no perfect people, so it is foolish to be ashamed of its drawbacks. The complexes are able to ruin as our relationship and our whole life. So learn to love who you are. Talk calmly to your negative traits and do your best to remove them or at least not be as visible to others. The answer to this question will show you how you perceive he/she ashamed you are of their shortcomings.


11. What Do you Think About Love?

This question is crucial, especially if really he / she believes that this is the man. Before you fall in love forever, find out what he thinks about the links in a couple relationship, etc. Things that at first glance you see silly, but actually often hinder love. See what he’s doing he / she does know what they wants.


12. What is the Most Reckless Thing You’ve Done?

Some people have crazy nature and extreme things are part of their daily lives. But there are those who have done crazy things and they rarely be counted on the fingers of one hand to them. The answer to this question will tell you if you stand against a man who likes to be on the brink of danger or one who prefers to stay at home, lest anything happened to him.


13. What is Your Greatest Achievement So Far?

It is entirely possible you replied that no such because it does not want to boast. But it could be sincere and tell you. Ultimately there is nothing shameful person to talk about the things we achieved, especially when it is done alone.


14. What Do you Value in Your Friends?

Usually a person like people you associate with. So ask him about his / her friends what she likes and does not like about them, what they do together, etc. Thus you will learn useful information about him / her and see how easiest to make friends and then eventually to develop relationships.


15. Do you Believe in God?

It’s nice to know if he / she is too religious. This means that you will become one, or at least doing a lot of customs that he / she observed. Seriously thought whether ready / and that. The most difficult will be if your favorite / favorite you from another religion. Could your family be against your relationship.


16. What Would you Do if Your Will Become Invisible for 24 hours?

It is certainly interesting to know what would you do / but if nobody him / her see one day. Would he turns doing dirty tricks on people who have to return something or he would joke with strangers or would acquire an expensive garment, and does not respect the law? Or would constantly around you and secretly watching you?


17. Can you Describe Yourself in Three words?

You may not be a psychologist, but when I hear people describing against you, you still will be able to make any conclusions about him and his opinion of himself.

Of course it’s silly to him / her ask all the questions at once, as if for an interview. These are sample questions that may him / her ask. They will help you potragne conversation and learn valuable information about him / her. Not him / her afraid too many questions, act slowly.

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