Pvt FM Channels will be Allowed to Broadcast AIR News: Govt

Private FM channels will be allowed to broadcast only news bulletin from the All India Radio, but the policy can be relaxed in the future, the Lok Sabha was informed today.

FM Radio station

FM Radio station

In the question-hour news and broadcasting minister Prakash Javadekar said, has not allowed private FM channels broadcast the message based on the existing policy guidelines FM radio.

He said that according to the guidelines approved Phase III FM radio, FM channels will be allowed to carry air news briefing identical format.

To complement, the host, he said private FM channels will be allowed to air the message read.

Javadekar said open FM channels and three lakh people in the city the current standard is being reviewed and populated areas will also be allowed to have FM radio channels.

In his written reply, Javadekar said: “Given the dynamic nature of news, policy review, from time to time.”


He said that once the news broadcast has been opened, the government can think of to get it on the basis of experience on this issue, and further “relaxation.”

Javadekar said about sporting events, excluding live coverage of the local nature of transportation, sporting events live commentary information, weather, publish citizen facilities, natural disasters will be treated as non-news item ,” therefore, is permitted. ”

He said the city will roll out the number of FM channels increased from 30 March 2015 in three phases. Discussions have taken place some channels into FM channels megawatt wave coverage as is appropriate under certain fields.

Javadekar said recently that he had decided to give up “in principle” approval of the message broadcast on the private FM radio will soon be taken in this regard.

He had said on behalf of FM radio stations met him, he told them he had no objection to let them broadcast news.

Under the proposal, FM channels can broadcast news from All India Radio, procurement. However, the minister has said; they can have it since there is an option to purchase PTI.

“There is an option, we can give you a choice, if you accept it from the PTI, it is a choice,” said on July 3.

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