Priyanka Khera TV Actress have Intrest in Cricket

India cricket obsessed nation, one is obliged to meet the cricket fans in every corner of the country. Recently, the cast and crew of ‘Zindagi’ Channel TV show of “Aadhe Adhoore”, were spotted having a blast while playing a friendly cricket match between the actors and crew on the set.

Priyanka Khera

It all started when Priyanka Khera aka Channi, an ardent cricket fan noticed cricket bat and ball on the sets of roles and appease Arpit Kapoor aka Naren indulge in some free play. Can not stand the cricket mania soon Sonali Nikam aka Jassi and Rohit Bhardwaj aka Viren join with other members of the crew on the set soon became a mini cricket. What attracted Arpit Rohit and surprise was how the girls played while Sonali stumped all 4 consecutive wickets including Rohit Priyanka is picked up, it seemed like a pro with the bat and scoring spree.


Priyanka Khera TV Actress

Speaking of friendly cricket game Rohit Bhardwaj said: “Cricket is all about having fun with players who share the same kind of passion for the game cast and crew show is full of avid fans of the game of cricket, and we do not leave a chance to indulge in the game is.. it was a complete surprise to see Priyanka to lead, as I have always known her to be quiet and shy man. this time, she released her new sporty avatar. Sonali too surprised us when she cleaned did not throw one, but four players in the game. It is very fun, and we look forward to another session of the cricket in the near future. ”

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