Now Play Agar.io on iOS and Android

Agar.io the giant single page online action game has been released for mobile smartphone version for iOS and Android. Now you can easily download play Agar.io on iOS and Android for free.


If you’ve never heard of Agar.io, then you are probably not too in casual games, because it is a browser-based that is sweeping the world frenzy. It is one of those games that suddenly become mega-popular, although there are many similar games, and start jumping from one office to office until everyone is talking about it and trying to overcome score of all others. The game is created by a Reddit user Zeach.


Well, the game is now available on iOS and Android, too, so you can take Agar.io with you wherever you go. What’s the fuss? Well, Agar.io is a massively multiplayer online game that pits … cell bodies against each other. The goal is very simple, you just have to swallow the whole world, and become the largest in the world Agar cell, avoiding the bigger guys, and chasing small fish. You can add your custom name while playing or you can use the world flags based on the country where you live and it will give you a cell with the country flag. You can also type Dodge which is a popular internet meme of a dog breed Shiba Inu.

The bigger you are, the slower than long Trud, so it becomes exponentially more difficult to pursue those small, newly arrived fast, unless they are with you, which also happens quite often because of its enormous size. At this time, you can divide and conquer, the division of a larger more agile, smaller circles body. Those can be eaten more easily turn Agar.io so it quickly turns into a casual, but very dynamic game of survival. It is very easy to play, and nicknames of other player, in writing within bubbles, they are a big part of the fun, so if you’re curious about the latest fashion, give it a try from the following links.

Download free Agar.io for Android | iOS.

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