Penguin Fun Facts

Penguins are unusual looking birds with their little tuxedo-style plumage and waddling walk, which makes many people think that these birds are clumsy. The largest penguin species is the emperor penguins, which can get really big, as an adult, and can reach an average of 48 inches when fully grown. The smallest penguin is known as Rockhopper Penguin, which reached a total of 12 inches in height on average.

Penguins do hunting and feeding in water. There is not much food to be found in the frozen Antarctic ice, so they have to go under water to find food. Standard penguin diet consists of fish, squid and krill. The penguin is an excellent swimmer and can dive very deep under the water and can hold his breath for a few minutes under the water.


Basically, penguins have limited habitat. They basically think they’re living in the Antarctic, but there are several species of penguins, which can be found in cold coastal areas of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. There is a type of penguin that live on the Galapagos Islands, and they are called the Galapagos penguins. However, no penguins live in the Arctic.

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