The Nost Valuable Features of the Trusted Leader

Have you ever had a boss who betrayed your trust? It’s like a punch in the stomach that produces conflicting emotions – confusion, shame and anger. Everything I’ve believed this man is questioned. especially painful it is when it comes to a leader you respect and whom you admire.


In life there are many “gray areas”, but Aha! Believe that confidence is not one of them. There things are either white or black – or relationships are built on trust or not.

Once you are burning yourself, learn how important it is not to trust just like that next time. Would you share a new idea with a colleague who has usurped your previous?

True leaders know that building and maintaining confidence is key to a strong organization. They realize that it takes time and can be dismantled in an instant. They take seriously the confidence and efforts to protect it.

If your leadership position certainly want others to trust you. But for this to happen, you need to continually invest in building trust you:

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1. Friendly

True leaders know that incompetence and delays could hamper the progress of any organization. They know that their team relies on them to be resolute and purposeful, and understand that you have to react immediately if they want the company to move forward.

These leaders do not mind interruptions; intentional in satisfaction of applications, while the latter are still fresh; are responsive, work with perseverance and bring things done.


2. Discovered

Companies that operate underhanded and secretive, promote an atmosphere of mistrust and create an awkward feeling of uncertainty and lack of control. True leaders, in turn, understand how important openness and keep higher purpose or reason for anything secret from everyone.

They know that each team member needs to understand how his work is important and fits into the larger plan; They are more willing to share his vision with all subordinates to have the last necessary tools and confidence to cultivate.


3. Humble

One sure way leader to lose people’s trust is to credit for successes that are not fought. True leaders, however, do not need someone to inflate their ego experience has taught them that all their success is due to the joint efforts of their team. They are happy to recognize foreign contributions and allow others to shine.

Moreover take the blame for mistakes, whether theirs or their subordinates. Their team is paramount and are ready to take on all shots for his men. Put others first, even if it puts at risk their own reputation.

To have any valuable relationships real and lasting effect, they must first and foremost be based on trust. When you devote your energy in building such a team you will learn that you can count on you to lead with integrity and honesty, and the company will become more sustainable and progressive.

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