Northeast Projected as Hub for Food Processing

The government desires to make the northeast region hub for food processing industry. Which emphasis laid in recent days to develop infrastructure for cold storage facilities in the region.

food processing unit

food processing unit

The Cold Chain Summit 2014 held under the aegis of Indian Chamber of Commerce in Guwahati gave special emphasis on the production of fruits and vegetables in the Northeast.

The event supported by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and National Centre for Cold Chain Development was attended by industry leaders and Doner Minister V K Singh.

The Minister highlighted the need for development of cold chain infrastructure in the region for utilizing the region’s maximum potential.


“Northeast potential is very high and when we look at northeast and talk about it being an organic hub, till very late, if we compare it with other parts, most of northeast was organic. It was only much later that fertilizers and chemicals started coming in. We need to go back because what the farmers will reap as additional dividends by going organic, probably they do not understand at the moment,” Singh said.

Major cold storage chains in the country want to foray into northeast market and set up their units in major cities.

The region is the producer of many fruits as pineapple, oranges, Kiwi and strawberry, but with the lack of better storage facility, they find it difficult to supply their produce to other parts of the country and abroad.

Northeast region shares international border with four South Asian countries including Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh and China.

A huge potential lies for the region to supply fruits, vegetables and other processed food to these countries. But, it needs proper infrastructure to store and supply these products.

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