Night: How to Get Beautiful Sleep |

Night: How to Get Beautiful Sleep

It always amazes me how many people tell me that they have found difficult to sleep, and seems to accept it now, as a part of their life. Last night I had a lousy night’s sleep, and it reminded me of all the little factors that add up to a good night’s sleep, and I thought I would share them with you. Sleep is essential for prosperity and re-cooperation, and is therefore a key part of any fitness goal you might be trying to achieve.


This is the most important part of the getting off at night. Those of you with kids know it and many of us do not apply that to our own lives. It is imperative that you create a consistent and easy to repeat night time routine.

You spend one third of your life sleeping and more people are spending more that a couple of few hundred pounds for their bed. You sleep at night. The night is dark. Thus, your bedroom should be as dark as possible. Take a few curtain liners, if you have a street-light near your windows.

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