US Election 2016 News


Hillary Clinton Becomes First Women as Candidate for US President

Hillary Clinton 4
Breaking the historical barrier, Hillary Clinton triumphantly captured the Democratic nomination for president on Tuesday night, the first woman to lead a major political party in the race for the White House. Delegates erupted in cheers as Clinton’s chief rival, Bernie Sanders, helped to make it official when the call is to roll his native state of Vermont – an important demonstration...

Donald Trump to Change His Statement of Ban on Muslims

Donald Trump 2016
Donald Trump, the presumed Republican candidate, has changed its position on the proposed ban on Muslims who enter the United States, citing that he only wants to prevent from countries with severe terrorism.Despite the fact that his former position is a central issue of his campaign, but he described his position on the ban except mass shooting in Orlando on June 12 when a gunman killed 49 people...

US President Barack Obama to Join Hillary Clinton Campaign

barack obama and hillary clinton
US President Barack Obama will make his debut campaign for presumptive Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in North Carolina next week, they will jointly appear on election rally in 2016.Clinton rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 5 will be the first time that Obama will campaign for former US Secretary of State as she announced her run for the White House, and which seeks...