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Uber Change its Logo, Comes with New Look

Uber new logo PNG
Uber American mobile taxi ride company chages its company logo to the new one posted on Uber blog. This new logo of Uber, not stylized (U) more. Uber is rotate its logo to the left side as shown in the below image.The new logo, along with Quadcopter-like background is now on the App Store. Old “U” is still a trademark of the Uber. There’s no real reason to change, we can say,...

Anjali Ramkissoon – Miami Uber Driver Attack Wiki, Biography

Anjali Ramkissoon
The video, released Tuesday night by YouTube user JuanCinco, Where Anjali Ramkissoon shows trying to get a vehicle from Uber driver violently. This is the first and only JuanCinco YouTube video. The video was uploaded on January 19, become become popular until Thursday. In the video description, JuanCinco gives a detailed description of what happened:We are on the phone with the driver while...