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Pakalu Papito’s Comments becomes most Famous in Social Media

Pakalu Papito has the most likes on Facebook because of his comments which is unrelated to the posts. But yet the funny and deep meaningful comments. Pakalu Papito, the guy who is winning internet a tweet at a time. Pakalu has over 631K followers on Twitter and 138 K fans on Facebook. And get over 10K retweets in almost every tweet!Take a look at the recent tweets of Pakalu Papito:just another...

Receive Direct Messages from Anyone on Twitter

Now you can choose to receive direct messages from other users on Twitter, even if you are not following them. Previously, in order to receive a direct message from another person, you had to keep the user in Twitter. For some public figures, especially for journalists, that the restriction was difficult to communicate more private. Twitter has experienced first with this setting in 2013 with a user...