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Paris The City of Lovers

Paris has 3,000 hectares of green space and not less than 455 parks and gardens. It is at the top of the tree as the greenest capital in Europe. From large forests to the smallest local public squares with numerous parks and gardens in between, the city has perfectly woven green geography throughout the urban landscape. In Paris, the tradition of the garden is located in the heart of the historic and...

Paris: 1 Million Love Locks to be removed from Pont des Arts Bridge

Paris Love Locks Removed
Starry-eyed tourists from around the world flock to the Pont des Arts bridge spanning the Seine river to place a lock that represents eternal love, and throw the key into the river. But now iconic bridge is sagging under the weight of so much devotion, and the authorities are desperate to stop the madness. Last year, police conducted hastily tourists outside the Pont des Arts, where a section of the...