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Wind Fun Facts You Don’t Know

Wind is born by the solar radiations. These radiations heat the surface of the earth, though, not in equal proportions. Such uneven heating directs as the result of the abrasive surface of the earth, rotary planetary motion and constantly changing inclinations which absorb heat at different levels of the Earth’s atmosphere. Seas, oceans and plant species in the world play an important role in...

Why Water is Important in Our Life

Where there is water, there is life. There is no life without water. Light, air and water are needed to create and sustain life. In fact, life is mostly water. The average person is about 70% water. Some vegetables also contain a large proportion of water. In fact, one can survive much longer without food than without water. Production of the food itself depends on the water. If sometimes we pay more...

Save Forest Save Environment

Forests are essential for our survival on our spaceship called Earth. Without them, our land will become desert which will not have ability to support life. Trees in the forest interface between the atmosphere that we breathe and the ground we stand on. Thanks to the trees, we enjoy the benefits of creation of the soil, an active hydrological cycle, the change of climate, a nutrient-rich landscape...