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This ‘Effective Power’ text will Shut Down your iPhone

One mistake means a specific text string can completely crash iPhones has led people to take extreme measures to keep your phone safe. One problem with the way iOS handles notifications means that if people are sent the code – including unusual strange words and symbols and Arabic characters – your phone stops and restarts itself, before becoming unusable. Apple has said it is aware of...

iPhone 7 with a glowing Apple logo

iPhone 7
When is the new iPhone coming out? What new features and design changes can be expected in the iPhone 7 when it launches? And it will be the next iPhone be called iPhone 7 – should not be ‘iPhone 6s’, based on the naming conventions of previous iPhones (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s, etc.)? iPhone 7 is an incredibly hot topic, eight months after the iPhone launch iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and about...