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How Salman Khan get bail?

Salman Khan 2015
Superstar Salman Khan was granted bail on Wednesday, just three hours after he was convicted in the case hit-and-run 2002. Before nightfall, he was back in the Galaxy Apartments. So how superstar back home the same day he was sentenced to five years in prison? Legal experts say that there were two factors responsible – Khan seems to have gone to court prepared with a plan of action in case of...

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan jailed for five Years

Salman Khan
An Indian court has sentenced Bollywood film industry star Salman Khan to 5 years in jail for killing a homeless man in 2002 hit-and-run driving incident in Mumbai. There was was among five people that were run over people who incident. Khan had said his driver was behind the wheel, but the judge said the actor was driving the car and was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Legal specialists...