Things You Need to Know about Neerja Bhanot Who Saved 359 Lives

Neerja Bhanot who was a flight attendant board the Pan Am Flight 73 from Mumbai, who was kidnapped in 1986 by terrorists in Karachi. When four armed hijackers came on board then she warned cabin crew, and they were able to escape. Bhanot chose to stay back and to take responsibility.

Neerja Bhanot


She was shot dead by the abductors, acting as a shield for 3 children. The kidnappers were eventually captured by Pakistani commandos. They were tried and sentenced to life in prison in Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan awarded the “Medal of excellence” for the courage that saved the lives of 359 innocent people.

Sonam Kapoor

Now, documentary style of Bollywood film Neerja will be released in February 2016 starring Sonam Kapoor.

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