Monkey The Closest Relative of Human Beings

Monkeys, from a scientific point of view, is the closest relative of human beings, given that they are also primates. Nowadays, people find monkeys very special and smart, they are adopted as pets.

This is due to the fact that monkeys are very social creatures. Although the interaction is mainly with those of their own species, especially in the wild, this interactive behaviour proves to be useful in many ways.


One of the most famous small animals to see in the world is the tarsier, the animals found in the Philippines. Famous for their bug eyes, the Philippine Tarsier was branded as the smallest monkey in the world, even if it’s not a monkey. They are not the only primates, but zoologists have no choice but to put them there, because they have no other place to put them. They used to be a good choice for pets, but because their diet consists mainly of bugs, except for the fact that they are already endangered, keeping them as pets was dropped out as an option.

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