Is Marriage Obsolete? All You Need to Know About Marriage

Marriage scares responsibility that requires. When we decide whether we can enter into marriage with your partner leave many questions: Can I spend my whole life with this particular person? Can I opt out of all other potential partners? Would I endeavor to my partner in difficult times – unemployment, sickness, old age? Would I like to have children of my partner?

The decision to marry is easy when you appreciate your partner when you feel strong love and when we perceive relations realistic – when we realize that both in life and in relationships there are good and bad moments, and we have the desire and determination to we meet the challenges. Not accidentally vows contain the words “joys and sorrows, in good and evil, until death do us part.”


Love always begins with the decision – the decision to open his heart to find the solution to another person, with all its weaknesses. Love always ends with a decision – the decision to stop fighting for your partner and relationship.

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Similarly marriage is a decision to take responsibility for your partner. The refusal of marriage has decided not to take responsibility for your partner – because we do not have strong enough feelings because we can not or do not want to solve potential serious problems that accompany each connection.


Marriage is not a signature is not a document maturing in the municipality.Marriage is a serious commitment of one person to another person – a commitment to faithfulness, loyalty to love, support. Faithfulness starts with the decision to be faithful to your partner. Love begins with the decision to love your partner. Support is also a matter of personal decision. Whether marriage will have loyalty, love and support depends on the commitment of the partners to each other to keep their promises.

Infidelity in marriage are related not so big temptations as a lack of values. If a man or woman correctness is not a value they would cheat without remorse and would have found it normal. If a man or woman does not believe in love or not love her, he would not have tried to maintain it.

There is no Guarantee of a good marriage, but the chances that a good marriage is much higher with a partner with a strong character and values ​​built.

Is marriage obsolete? Marriage is obsolete for people who you don’t want a real commitment (at least not with partner). People who do not want marriage, always with one foot outside their relationship. These people usually disappear in the most difficult times when instead of pleasure, given problems of their relationship. They just so want to be free – to be able to leave when things stop going well. The vow of these people is “I will be with you.”

And if such a partnership worth – it’s a matter of personal choice.

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