Maharashtra Government Take Initiative People Not to Waste Water on Holi

Mumbai: On the Indian festival Holi, the Government of Maharashtra crack the whip to ensure that water is not wasted. Maharashtra Ministry of Water Resources has given strict instructions that there should be no loss of water during the Holi celebration.


The Ministry also wrote to all municipalities, urging them not to provide water for swimming pools during Holi.


Thane collector Ashwini Joshi also urged the people of the region to refrain from using “rain dance” and water waste during the festival.

People need to understand the seriousness of the problem and to avoid wasteful water usage, Joshi urged.

She asked the housing society and other organizations to collect and recycle water and to submit such projects for District Planning Committee.

Despite the fact that there were several rivers and dams in the district’s Sahapur taluka, it faces an acute shortage of water, she said.

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