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Love is an emotion too deep to really catch with the written word. It embodies our feelings about family, friends, lovers, pets. There is an old love, new love, puppy love. We think of those who consider trustworthy and when it escalates and mixed with caring or desire or comfort, or all three, we’ll end up with a positive feelings.

Today, the romantic love is a subject of endless pop culture debates. It plays a major role in all forms of media-essays from the music to the film. The ultimate measure of love between the two, appears to be an element of comfort; Of fully being yourself.

Love asks for nothing and simply allows you to have two beings exist in orbit, supporting and appreciating each other. Commitment is the key to a lasting relationship. New passionate love does not involve any effort, the mutual admiration. Over time, that love deepens and turns into something softer, quieter, enduring.

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