Amazon.in Treasure Hunt Answers/Clues

Amazon.in giant e-commerce company comes with amazing deals only on mobile app. The deals starts from 10 AM to 6PM. You can buy a secret product only for Rs.1, if you guest the write answer before the waitlist full. The fast you guess the answer the more chances to get the product only for Rs.1.

Amazon App Treasure Hunt Rules

  • Amazon Is Offering An Awesome Deal Where You Have To Give Right Answer . And You Will Get A Chance To Buy Product For Rs 1 .
  • This Sale Will Be Live On 10.00 Am And Each Hour You Will Get The Chance To Answer Correctly &Get A Chance to Buy Product For Rs 1.
  • Will Live At 10 AM and close at 6 PM

How Amazon App Treasure Hunt Works

Amazon Treasure Hunt
Amazon Treasure Hunt

Check out the today’s treasure hunt questions and answers. Click here to check out more details and download App.


Amazon App Treasure Hunt 25 October 2015 Answers

Time: 10:00 AM

Question: – Can you C the Titanium that’s going twice as fast as the sound of your voice?

Answer: – Karbonn Titanium Mach Two S360 (Black-Blue)


Time: 11:00 AM

Question: – Love Yourself Before you decide to break feel

Answer: – Bipasha Basu Love Yourself Set of 3 DVD


Time: 12:00 PM

Question: – What’s common between Polo Ralph Lauren, Javu and New York Museum of Prehistoric History?

Answer: – Friends: The Complete Series Collection Blu-ray



Time: 1:00 PM

Question: – What’s the catch?

Answer:Tom & Jerry Combo Set


Time: 2:00 PM

Question: – T T T T T T (30 Times)

Answer:Tetley Green tea, Ginger Mint & Lemon, 30 Tea Bags)


Time: 3:00 PM

Question: – UPKI – move things around and get the right e-Motion.

Answer: Piku DVD


Time: 4:00 PM

Question: – The Living Legend in Sugarland Express

Answer: – Steven Spielberg – Director’s Collection Blu-ray


Time: 5:00 PM

Question: – The Royal style of sweets for your festival celebrations

Answer: – MTR Rasogolla 1Kg Tin


Previous Amazon App Treasure Hunt 24 October 2015 Answers

Time:  10:00 AM

Question: It’s too late now too late You dabblers

Answer: Mark Knopfler Tracker CD


Time:  11:00 AM

Question: When Desert Eagle is not a bird but a hand canon

Answer: Counter Strike Source


Time:  12:00 PM

Question: Check for image in Amazon App [Golden Watch]

Answer: Titan 1644YM04


Time:  1:00 PM

Question: Launch an attack

Answer: Lego legends of chima cragger


Time:  2:00 PM

Question: An eruption from the eye throws up protons, neutrons and electrons

Answer: LAVA IRIS ATOM 2 Mobile Worth 4049


Time:  3:00 PM

Question: Travelled Over 150 countries since she made her first appearance 1959. Find her Birthday Look

Answer: Barbie doll model


Time:  4:00 PM

Question: Join Cooper on his Journey

Answer: Interstellar DVD


Time:  5:00 PM

Question: He has taken on many names Suri, Kabir, Dev, Veer, Raj, Rahul… a title which rightly descrbies him?

Answer: The King Khan DVD

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