Lady Gaga High-Tech Performance at Grammy Awards 2016

Lady Gaga was filled with high-tech miracle of branded products and the projection face of virtual reality experiences at 2016 Grammy.

Wearing bejewelled overalls and a shock of orange hair, Lady Gaga on stage at Grammy tech extravaganza that pushed the boundaries of live performance.

Lady Gaga

Accompanied by guitar legend Nile Rodgers, the team of dancers choreographed Richie Jackson, and enough processing power of the computer to light up a small town, Gaga gave the audience a show they will not soon forget.


The show was full of amazing tricks the eye, including the ‘digital makeover, “which instantly changed, and at one point the spider (Mars?) Crawling on Gaga’s face while she sang.

She wore a huge ring-shaped pearl that it allows you to control and Stardust holograms with a wave of her hand. She even played the piano robotic dancing.

Within one month, ahead of Lady Gaga and her team rehearsed the scene a full-size replica of the Staples Center, set up in the garage Universal Studios.

There team – consisting of the Haus of Gaga creative team and several Intel engineers – to play with and improve the technology it will use the entire capacity. Since performance is so technical, everything had to be just right.

Lady Gaga Grammys 2016 Photo Gallery:

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