Kejriwal Tweet: AAP Delhi unit Secretary Arrested; frame-up by BJP

AAM Aadmi Party’s Delhi unit secretary and four volunteers were arrested today for allegedly instigating people against the Congress MLAs of active posters on their territory.

The Commissioner of Police (South-East District) P Karunakaran said the arrested persons named Dilip Pandey, Ravi Shankar Singh, Sonu, Javed and Rajkumar.

Reacting to the arrests, AAM Aadmi Party’s leader Arvind Kejriwal alleged BJP was framing fellow volunteers after party “failed” in its bid to form a government.

Just as we are preparing plans for BJP to form government in Delhi buying MLAs, our volunteers and staff have been framed in false cases and arrested. It seems that seniors will have to lower the police to arrest the leaders of the AAM Aadmi party’s: So, who is masterminding it. Kejriwal tweeted.

A senior police officer, requesting anonymity, said Pandey was grilled by the Jamia Nagar police station after AAM Aadmi party’s activists put up posters against Congress MLAs and some of the arrested workers were exposed NMC name Pandey.


The case of IPC, Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act and the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, have been registered, police said.

The officer said that the Congress MLAs alleged that the posters, as well as an active message; the AAM Aadmi party’s have been put into the community.

Posters were put up in three-assembly constituencies Muslim Congress MLAs, calling them “traitors news with the community, a group of Congress MLAs are going to be ready to support BJP government in Delhi.

“The posters calling for large protests outside the residences of Mateen Ahmed, Asif Mohd Khan and Hassan Ahmed on July 16,” the officer.

Kejriwal claimed that a man named Amanatullah put up posters and even admitted that, but the police instead arrested AAP volunteers.

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