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Julia Vins Wiki Biography

Julia Vins is a Russian model of fitness and bodybuilder, who was born on May 21, 1996 in Yekaterinburg,Russia. She is a member of Team RSPS. She is very popular in Instagram. Yulia Viktorovna Vins is also one of the most popular power lifters in the world due to her cute doll face. She stands in front of the fragile porcelain doll, but her massive arm and leg muscles enough to put most men to shame.

Muscle Barbie Russian Girl Powerlifter Bodybuilder Julia Vins Wiki Biography

Occupation: Fitness model
Birth Date: May 21, 1996
Birthplace: Kostanai, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Height: 5 feet 5 inch
Weight: 66 Kg
Nationality : Russian

19-year-old Julia Vins recently shot some of the photos showing her doll face and amazing physique. Russia, in fact, there are many celebrities that kind of porcelain dolls shape, but none of them has an impressive body as Julia.


Vins said she began working to get stronger and build self-confidence, but she don’t have any intention to was become a professional powerlifter. During her first year, she trained her muscles without following a clear program of training, but she decides that she needs a professional guidance.

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