iPhone 7 with a glowing Apple logo

When is the new iPhone coming out? What new features and design changes can be expected in the iPhone 7 when it launches? And it will be the next iPhone be called iPhone 7 – should not be ‘iPhone 6s’, based on the naming conventions of previous iPhones (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s, etc.)?

iPhone 7 is an incredibly hot topic, eight months after the iPhone launch iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and about four months before they are likely to hear any official word from Apple about their upcoming product launches iPhone. The web is full of speculation about the new release of the iPhone in 2015: rumors on the date of the iPhone 7 release, its design, specifications and features, and even its name.

In 2015 we are confident of seeing a next generation iPhone. But what is the new iPhone 7 (or perhaps iPhone 6s, iPhone 6c, iPhone 6s Plus or simply “New iPhone”) will be? What new can we expect on the iPhone 7? And when the iPhone 7 out? Completed the evidence to ensuring that all there is to know about the iPhone in July so far.

It’s just a representation of what someone thinks the iPhone 7 will look like, but here’s the thing: I’m looking forward to this concept iPhone with a bright Apple logo.


iPhone 7

Below video render by German site Computer Bild, as concepts such ridiculous goes, is actually quite realistic: it has a built-in screen sensor Touch ID, a dual camera on the back to change the depth of field and an Apple logo that glows in the back.

In the real world, Apple has been awarded a patent for integrating Touch ID on the screen and one for a camera that can refocus after taking a photo.

The phone in the video is basically my dream phone, but the part that is less likely that the logo bright, because it is technically impossible with the chipset located between the screen and the back of the phone. Still, an Apple fan can dream.


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