Indian Workers and Nurses Return from Libya

New Delhi, August 7 (ANI): Another batch of Indian workers and nurses stranded in Libya early this morning back to Delhi.

Indian Nurses Return from Libya

Indian Nurses Return from Libya

An Indian worker, Anup Kumar, from Gorakhpur, who is trapped in Libya, expressed his grief at the deteriorating situation in the country.

“This situation is not stable, Libya, we finally leave this place, but many people are still trapped in there, we are faced with a lot of facilities and lack of food and water issues, at least 200 Indians are still stuck in there, we want to leave the place, but the company is not ready to leave us, they did not give our passports threaten us, we will be in prison, we finally got the ticket booking.

Companies deduct our entire salary, we require money at home and then got our tickets booked, “Kumar said.

Another Indian worker, Ajay Kumar Singh, from Bihar said they were blindfolded and threatened that their passports will be tampered with. He added that they were also accused of stealing.

Gangaram Hyderabad appreciation from the Indian Embassy and the Government’s efforts to promote their safe return.

“They helped us put our passports and tickets; we will never go back to this place; the situation is very bad,” he said.


Meanwhile, at the airport, Gurdwara Management Committee arranged for refreshments and medical assistance Indians returning from the conflict area.

Puneet Singh Chandok’s chief coordinator Gurudwara Management Committee said they keep in touch with the External Affairs Ministry, and as soon as they get to return information about the Indians, they provide medical assistance, refreshments and accommodation, but also provides transportation costs, so that they can go to their home.

“The Indian government is doing a tremendous effort to bring back all the Indians, now 11 boys from Punjab to at around 116 Indian government to send another flight will arrive in about 80-90 Indian from Hyderabad and the rest from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and. 300 Indians are expected to arrive tomorrow afternoon, “Chandok said.

Earlier Tuesday, more than 50 nurses belonging to the Indian state of Kerala, has returned from Libya. They received at Kochi airport.

Rival militias in Tripoli in the past three weeks, and bloody conflict between Islamists, the army fighting between the Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi, has prompted some countries to evacuate their nationals and diplomatic staff.

Militia control most of the country are behind the violence in Libya since the 2011 uprising to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi worst.

2011, the Indian government launched a “massive operation” involving planes and ships to evacuate thousands from Libya conflict -hit nationals. (ANI)

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