Must-Have Couple Poses for an Indian Wedding Album

Wedding is the most precious keepsake album a couple. Every couple wants it to be filled with the most beautiful, romantic and unique photos. To achieve this goal, many couples and photographers adhere to accepted and loved for many years some of the postures. But too late, many people began to do some interesting add. Wedding photography is all about capturing the couple’s love for each other.

The groom lifts the bride with smile

Sometimes, a little change can make a classic pose photo unique. Experiment and try different styles to bring out the chemistry and warmth, a couple of shares. Scroll down, because we give you some classic, always love weddings posture and some interesting people, make your wedding album is better than you can imagine.


Get a little naughty with smile Get a little naughty keepsake for a couple The bride and the groom sit close to each other The dance of love The classic standing pose The first kiss The classic standing pose with dance The classic sitting pose The groom lifts the bride The romantic hug bridle & groom Forehead to forehead each Forehead to forehead The romantic hug

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