Indian Flag

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Indian Flag 15

Indian Flag is Designed by‎: ‎Pingali Venkayya

Adopted‎: ‎22 July 1947

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  1. Uttam says:

    I love india and indian flag

  2. kundan Raj says:

    I love my india

  3. ZAFAR says:

    I love my India
    and I am Indian tiger
    India i s very great

  4. vishvdev dhiman says:

    i love india and indian flag

  5. Gudlesh srivastav says:

    I love my india and i can fight for india at last time
    So my india is a great country in world because all religious live in india and full authority rights gives by indian government equal of all citizen

  6. ritik jay says:

    i love my india

  7. Samad khan... says:

    Dil diyaa hai jaaan bhi dengey… aye watan tere liye…!
    love u my INDIA…!

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