PM Modi say to Vladimir Putin India wants to Ties with Russia

Fortaleza (Brazil): In the sixth BRICS summit in Brazil, PM India Narendra Modi said to Russian President Vladimir Putin, India looks ahead to strengthening partnership with Russia, including defense, nuclear energy, trade and investment.

Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin

Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin

Commenting on Putin in BRICS summit Tuesday in Fortaleza sideline, Modi praised Russia’s economic development and security of eternal friendship and international support for India since India won independence.

Once again, the Indian Prime Minister said, Russia’s friendship will always be one of the priorities of India’s foreign policy is that the country is looking forward to working together with Putin.

Further deepening and broad-based strategic partnership, including in the field of defense, nuclear energy, aerospace contact and respond to areas of energy, trade and investment, and the people and between the people and the global challenges.

According to another report, PM Modi looks forward to visiting Russia in 2015.

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